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The vote to override Governor Fallin’s veto of SB41 may take place as soon as Wednesday May 20.  Please call or email your senator and representative and ask them to vote to override the Governor’s veto.  Please call or email them as soon as possible.  (Please see the update below for more information.)  If you are unsure who your senator or representative is, visit oklegislature.gov and complete the form in the lower left corner of the homepage.


When the governor and legislature are controlled by the same party, veto overrides are difficult and contentious.  For that reason, over the last few days we have worked with Representative Calvey (House author of SB41) to find language that all parties could agree upon.  During that process, a tentative agreement was struck in which compromise language would be amended to another bill authored by Representative Peterson and sent to the Governor for her to sign.  The language, tentatively approved by the Governor’s staff met all of the concerns they had and preserved the purpose of the bill (the purpose of the bill was to clarify that cities cannot “lease” a park, street, or other outdoor area to a private entity and then allow that private entity to prohibit the otherwise lawful and peaceful carrying of firearms).

The concerns laid out by the Governor and the OKC Chamber of Commerce were non-issues, really.  Carrying a firearm into a professional sporting event or government owned or operated building (including convention centers, basketball arenas, etc.) is already prohibited.  But, in the interest of getting along, we tried to find language that would satisfy their need for clarification without placing new infringements on gun owners.  However, the Governor’s demands were unreasonable and would have made it even easier for cities to infringe the lawful and peaceful carrying of firearms.

The Governor continues to side with the gun-grabbers.  At the behest of the OKC Chamber, the Governor rejected the proposal – again, a proposal that even her staff thought answered all stated concerns.  Governor Fallin needs to hear from you.  The best way to make sure she hears you is to call your senator and representative and urge them to override her veto.

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