Updated: Mark Costello Murdered By Son, Christian, 26

Mark Costello, on Election night, 2010, as Kolbe “Emory”, Cathy, Caitlin, Ian, and Ana-Marie celebrate.
Son, Christian, is not present, in this photo.


KFOR Reports:
[WARNING: detailed description of attack]


  Sources say Castello’s son had reached out to his parents and asked them to meet him at the restaurant.

  Police say it started inside the Braum’s with the suspect stabbing the victim and then proceded outside.

 Patrick Spencer was driving on May when he saw someone he thought had been shot.

  “We got a closer look and there was a guy chasing him with a knife,” said Spencer. “It was shocking and dramatic.” Spencer says the men circled the building a couple of times.  He watched while he called 9-1-1.

  “It was very cold you know the way he was walking after the victim. There was never any rush to the entire thing. There was another woman involved. We assume that’s his wife of the victim. She was running after them. But it was a very brisk walk type run,” said Spencer “At one point, the suspect stabbed the victim in the head. We saw that in front of us.”

  “He was pretty bloody and the wife was trying to get him in their vehicle to get him away from the suspect.” Spencer said.

  Spencer says it ended when a witness in the parking lot rammed the suspect with his vehicle, knocking him to the ground.  Several people then tackled him and kicked the knife away.

“They tied him up with belts and they were able to keep him under wraps until police got there.” said Spencer.

Dozen of witnesses were interviewed by police Sunday night, both Braum’s employees and customers.


News 9 KOTK Reports:





Police arrested Costello’s son, Christian Costello, 26, in connection with the stabbing death, Officer Balderrama said.






Earlier in the day, two family members had a fight with one another and agreed to meet at Braum’s. When the two arrived, one stabbed the other multiple times in the head and neck with a steak knife, police said.






The stabbing started inside the restaurant and continued into the parking lot, where other customers tried to stop the assault, police said.






Patrick Spencer was driving by and saw the two men walking around the restaurant. Costello was bleeding and his son followed him. Spencer witnessed Costello being stabbed in the head.






“It was shocking and dramatic and like I said, it was very cold and you could feel the sense of cold,” Spencer said. “Several people were able to step in and get the knife away from him and tackle him to the ground and they tied him up with belts.”






Mark Costello was taken to OU Medical Center, where he died.




  Authorities said Costello met with the suspect at the Braum’s restaurant on May Avenue, north of Hefner Road. Police said they were inside the restaurant when Costello was stabbed. He stumbled out of the restaurant to get help, according to police.

  Police said witnesses saw the suspect continue stabbing Costello from behind and witnesses pulled the suspect off of Costello until authorities could arrive.

  Costello was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police have the suspect in custody and were interviewing witnesses Sunday evening.

KOTK News 9 Reports:

OKLAHOMA CITY – A state politician was stabbed to death Sunday evening at a northwest Oklahoma City fast food restaurant, sources tell News 9.


  Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor Mark Costello was killed Sunday evening after being stabbed at Braum’s, 11224 N May Ave., according to sources.


  Shortly after 6:30 p.m. Sunday, police were called to the Braum’s in reference to a man stabbing another man inside and outside the restaurant.

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