Civil Asset Reform Gets Detoured To A Police Academy.

Sen Kyle Loveless held several meetings with citizen groups across the state, to prep for the Sept. 1st Interim Session.
  Sources close to Senator Kyle Loveless are indicating that next week’s Senate Interim Study on Reforming the out of control forfeiture system, is hastily being moved to a remote Tulsa County reserve used by the Tulsa Police Department for their police academy and firing range.
Chairman Sykes of  the Senate Judiciary Committee
  We’re awaiting a public statement by Chairman Anthony Sykes if the Senate Judiciary Committee.
This is perhaps the most volatile issue being dealt with in the off months of late summer. National experts are now having to scurry to make new travel plans, so they can be available to testify as expert witnesses. Some are already crying ‘foul’ and suspecting that politics have already corrupted the chances of having a real open and transparent process.


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