Mark Costello’s Prophetic Mental Health Warning

Mark Speaks of the peril ahead, at a mental health summit, April 29th

By David Van Risseghem-

 “Society cannot ignore this problem,

and if it does so, it does so at its peril.”

Those were words Mark Costello declared from the rotunda of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  His words became reality this week. His own peril was something he spoke little about. He did not want to add to the stress his son never really got relief from.
I was with Mark and a statewide group of mental health advocates on April 29th. We were coming together to draw attention to the severe problem that exists in Oklahoma and is made worse by poor leadership at the state level.

  I am the president of NAMI Tulsa and lead one of the largest local affiliates in helping Oklahomans deal with the mental health challenges in their families. We also address the community impact and we advocate for more sensible policies to restore our loved ones, and our state.
  We saw little media coverage that day. Yes, the governor spoke with us, but Mark Costello asked to have a moment to add his call for solutions. He rarely talked about his son, even when just the two of us spoke alone. Mental illness has a way of consuming all the emotional energy from a family and when you have an opportunity to get a break from care giving, you really don’t want to ruminate on the subject very much.
David Van Risseghem
Sooner Politics Publisher
NAMI Tulsa President

But the Oklahoman came and had their video camera rolling, not knowing just how profound Mark Costello’s 2 minutes would be.

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