Monument On Hiatus: Why the secrecy?

Monument removed from state property in dark of night.    News9 aircraft captured this image at the capitol grounds.

The work crews showed up at the Oklahoma capitol in the dark of night.
Last night a private monument company sent a work crew to the state capitol. Security teams were in place and a barrier fence was all in place for a quick extraction. The privately donated monument to civil law was being torn down. This followed a very public and controversial legal fight that has been in national news over several years.
  KWTV news was there to capture the event.

Construction crews started removing the heavily disputed Ten Commandments monument Monday night off the state Capitol grounds. 

The 6-foot-tall, granite sculpture was ordered to be removed by Oct. 12. A heavy duty crane was used to lift the 4,800-pound monument around 10:30 p.m.  

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