Progressive/Constructivist Math STINKS ON ICE

Just recently I posted this picture on my Jenni White’s Education Page on Facebook. In one day, it had a reach of almost 169 THOUSAND views and almost 2500 shares. Why? Jenni Whites Education Page - Old Math

Well, I imagine that, no matter how many times the educrats running education today tell us Common Core (Constructivist/Progressive) math is going to make our kids rocket scientists, real moms and dads…

The idea of Constructivist/Progressive math is that kids must know why they are getting the answer they record on their worksheet in order to be able to learn. The emphasis is on the WHY, not the HOW. The bottom line is this: math requires SPECIFIC knowledge of SPECIFIC concepts. Math is a language and in order to speak the language you have to memorize its terminology. Can you imagine speaking Spanish by – instead of memorizing the vocabulary – explaining what every Spanish word means? No one would ever converse! Every student must know 6×5 is 30. Yes, it’s good to know why, but why isn’t going to solve a problem on an exam, rote memory of the equation 6×5=30 will accomplish that. Math is black and white – 6×5=30 upside down, on the moon or in Zanzabar – that will NEVER change.

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