OK2A on Status of Norman Lawsuit and SB41

The final hearing in OK2A’s lawsuit against the Norman Music Fest was held in August with the Judge ruling against OK2A’s request to grant a permanent injunction against organizers of the music fest prohibiting them from banning the otherwise legal carrying of weapons on public streets during the event.

Since then, OK2A has reached a compromise with the organizers of the festival.  In return for OK2A’s agreement not to appeal the decision, they have agreed to allow concealed carry during future festivals.  Tim Gillespie, president of OK2A said of the agreement, “Until the situation is remedied by the Legislature and Governor, at least attendees will be able to carry their handgun concealed.  We appreciate the Norman Music Alliance’s to recognize what is a basic civil right – the right to self-defense – of their patrons.”

The Judge’s reason for ruling against the request for an injunction was that the law was too vague.  He ruled that the Legislature needed to clarify the law (imagine that – a judge that refused to legislate from the bench).  The problem is that the Legislature tried to clarify the law but the Governor vetoed the bill (formerly/http://ok2a.org/ok2a-news/3401538).

SB41 was amended during the course of the last session to clarify the law on this matter.  The bill passed both chambers easily only to be vetoed by Governor Fallin.  OK2A recently met with the Governor to discuss the proposal.  OK2A will work with Legislators to re-introduce the bill during the 2016 Legislative Session, which begins in February of next year.  Gillespie said, “We are confident the Governor will sign the bill next year.”

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