The Dictator Clause in REAL ID

axxiom-new-2010Kaye Beach Nov. 9, 2015 Another very short post covering one aspect of  REAL ID – The Dictator Clause. A mandatory biometric ID such as the one created by the REAL ID Act of 2005, is an indispensable tool for … Continue reading

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My name is Kaye Beach and I live in Central Oklahoma. I began my blog site to share information and ideas with others who are also interested in keeping an eye on our government and making a positive impact on policy.... The idea that “everything has changed” since 9 11 must be challenged because our government has used this notion as license to run amuck... The principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility are enduring and required for our personal satisfaction as well as for the success of our nation. But right now the assaults on our legal and natural rights seem to come one right after another prompting many to wonder where it will end. The answer depends on us. “How free do you want to be?” AxXiom is for Liberty