Pat Campbell 1170 KFAQ session updates

This year during our legislative session I had the opportunity to give regular updates on KFAQ Thursday mornings. It was an honor to be invited by Pat Campbell to participate on his show and help keep his listeners informed about the happenings at the State Capitol.

If you missed any of the live broadcasts you can find links below to archives of the last two shows along with a description of the topic being discussed. I can’t thank Pat Campbell enough for including me, and would suggest that if you get a chance feel free to send him a message of encouragement on the great job he does keeping people informed on the issues.

And it should go without saying to make sure to tune in regularly (not just when I’m on the show). An informed people is a free people, so stay informed people.

May 19th, 2015 PC and Eddie with state senator Nathan Dahm on the proposed Oklahoma pop music


May 21st, 2015 Pat and Eddie with state senator Nathan Dahm on the senate approving the Oklahoma pop museum