The Precinct Leader Mission

“So, what’s your plan, Porter?” Porter Davis

I’ve been challenged with those words often over the years in response to blogs, emails and Facebook posts I’ve written chronicling the deteriorating state of America. Economic collapse, the emerging police state, failed foreign policy, assaults on our health, collapsing morality and internal division threaten our national survival.

We can’t avoid these problems. Their consequences can’t be ignored. We must confront them with effective actions that restore Liberty to America. This website is my answer to the question.

What is the Plan?

We need to do what Americans have always done to survive hard times: We have to come together and organize our neighborhoods and precincts to help each other through this crisis and successfully emerge on the other side.

Our mission is to be proactive change agents instead of helpless victims. We want to influence the outcome toward our founding values – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Intentional, transformational change needs only a dedicated, small percentage of the population to accomplish this goal. The Precinct Leader intends to help you become an active participant in this process.

The Precinct Leader is not primarily about electoral politics. Rather, we intend to help develop your leadership and organizing skills to empower effective local action for mutual aid and support. In a time of social chaos and economic breakdown, providing food, water, medical help, communication and security are important. Political change will flow from those relationships.

Real change starts first with the individual. Gandhi admonished us to “Be the change you want to see.” The basis of liberty is the self-responsible individual living his or her life with integrity, according to the Golden Rule. On that base we each need to take four basic steps.

Get prepared. Hard times are here. The systems we take for granted may be severely disrupted. Store enough food, clean water, medicine and supplies to take care of your family for at least three months. Six months’ supply is even better. As you are able, get extra, because many of your neighbors won’t be ready.

Get organized. Get to know your neighbors and your precinct. Seek kindred spirits. Help wake others up. Each precinct should become a place for education, equipping and fellowship, like the town hall assemblies of old. Monthly meetings with pertinent topics  start the process. Make the meetings non-partisan and open to everyone, even if this is a party effort. People distrust political parties almost as much as they do the politicians.

Get political. Take every opportunity to engage your local politicians. If we take care of business with those offices closest to the people, where we have the most influence, the Federal offices will tend to follow suit. Stop regarding your favorite political party with a religion devotion, blind to its shortcomings. Rather, use the parties to your own advantage to expand Liberty. If you control the precincts, you control the parties.

Be active in non-violent resistance and non-compliance. Learn how to punk the system. Drop out any way you can, while working also to change it.

Transforming the system is not rocket science. But it will take work and commitment by those called to action. If done well, your life will be deeply enriched with a wealth of new relationships and success beyond your imagining.

This site is the beginning of a work in process. I don’t have all the answers, just a vision for what is necessary. Your suggestions and contributions will be helpful. I hope to be sharing many of your stories about what works, and what doesn’t, in the future.

More to follow!

Porter H Davis About Porter H Davis
The Oklahoma Grassroots campaign is the inspiration of long-time political activist and blogger, Porter H. Davis. After earning his MBA in Organizational Behavior, Davis became a participant in Oklahoma's political arena. From serving as an early State Chairman of the Libertarian party, to winning election as the Republican State Representative to House District 85, to founding a state-level public policy think tank, he is steeped in political tradition and practice. He's made three trips to the Republican National Convention as a Delegate. Porter's search for solutions to our many problems has convinced him that the missing link to restoring limited, accountable government is strong, local precinct organizations focused around the town meeting. Further, that vision goes beyond politics to become a strong, cross-party, support structure for local communities. The Precinct Leader