Where Does Rand Paul Really Stand on the Issues?

Well this little flyer comes from his website.  See how closely he matches your thinking and if so spread the word.


Rand Paul on the Issues p1 Rand Paul on the Issues p2These flyers are available on Scribd to read, or print or download.  There are three pages in this document.  The first page has all the issues on one page and as such must be tiny print and is a little hard to read.  The second and third page are designed to be front and back of one page or two pages as shown.  They have slightly larger print and are a lot easier to read.  If you want to see the source just go to Rand Paul’s Website and click on the top tab ‘issues’.  Special thanks to Gage Skidmore for the CPAC 2014 photo – one of my all time favs!  While you are there make a donation to the campaign or order some bumper stickers for your vehicles.  Please share with friends and neighbors and have fun at the same time.

All three pages are available on Scribd to print and download and share.

Let’s get out there and defeat the Washington machine so we can unleash the American dream!

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