About Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment

ROPE 2.0 New Logos3ROPE 2.0 seeks to equip parents with the information necessary to best champion their individual child’s educational needs and support legislation that empowers parents as the primary authority for their children.

Begun as Restore Oklahoma Public Education2.0 in 2010, ROPE has spent over five years researching, writing and lobbying on issues relating to public education at the local and state levels within Oklahoma and nationally. ROPE’s early concern over Common Core put them in the forefront of the fight against this, micromanaged, one size fits all, curricula better suited to creating automatons than children. In 2014, after 4 years of concentrated effort, Oklahoma passed HB3399, outlawing Common Core in Oklahoma. You can find all of ROPE’s blogs at their original – albeit re-named – blogspot.
Today, ROPE 2.0 focuses on four areas, each led by a separate Director; Education, Legislation, Politics and Parental Rights. You can contact each Director via her personal email as follows:
Jenni White, Education Director – Jenni@rope2.org
Lynn Habluetzel, Legislative Director – Lynn@rope2.org
Julia Seay, Political Director – Julia@rope2.org
Tracey Montgomery, Parental Rights Liason – parentalrightsok@gmail.com

Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment About Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment
Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment (ROPE2.0) is committed to educating tax-paying citizens and parents about the ways in which the methods and philosophies used in public education today affect them. From budgetary allotments to curricula, ROPE2.0 attempts to make Oklahomans aware of how every dollar spent and every idea taught can actively influence the future voters enrolled in Oklahoma Public Education today. Only parents can truly know what’s best for each of their individual children and only parents have the vested interest necessary to raise children with the education each will need to become productive Oklahomans and Americans. Every child has the right to an education best suited to them, and every parent has the right – and duty – to provide such an education. ROPE 2.0 seeks to help equip parents with the information necessary to best champion their child’s educational needs. More info on ROPE2.0 organization Blogspot archives and new releases from Jenni White for ROPE and ROPE2.0