Watching the Real Debate at the Faux Debate – #RandRally trending

Some were watching the real debate with the people at the faux debateMost of you probably know by now about the media/RNC effort to exclude Rand Paul from their propaganda circus.  Rand Paul and his team took it to the people tonight.  Here is a snapshot of some of his folks on the ground for the RNC meeting watching him livestream a Townhall style debate on periscope with Twitter at the Twitter HQ in NYC.

The Revolution will not be Televised via LMJ


So Dr. Rand Paul in conjunction with Students for Rand Paul and grassroots folks around the country quickly organized an event to parallel the faux debate designed to tell you who your candidates are.

He took questions all evening from the twitter stream with the #RandRally and answered them live on periscope.  You can still see the event that was recorded there in three segments.  Watch from the bottom up to view in order here >>>  He answered questions until his voice ran out.  A great time was had by all, he got plenty of time to answer the questions and didn’t refuse to answer anything except which Kentucky Bourbon was the best.  Here is a picture from the periscope event and you can see the three segments on the actual page and click on them there to watch online.

Rand Paul on Periscope LiveRand Rally
Turn off your TV - National Townhall with Rand Paul

RandRally 23.4k
On twitter during #RandRally – January 14 2016 around 9:30p EST

Special thanks to all those who helped put this event together in a very short time!  It was a lot of fun, educational and well attended.  At one point tonight the #RandRally was trending around 29k.  My snap shows one at 23.4k.  Oh and one more site you may have some fun with.  That would be about the bad boys in this deal.  Say thanks to Faux News for showing their globalist agenda tonight for all the world to see.  Here’s one of my favorite memes to come out of this but there are plenty more here>>>

Still trying to pick your leaders for you...
Still trying to pick your leaders for you…

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