Trump Defames A Respected Iowa Minister, Get’s Busted For It

  Rev. Bob Vander Plaats is a very well known and respected Christian leader in Iowa. His ministry, “The Family Leader” has brought together masses of Christians from several denominations, for the furtherance of family values and other public policy directives.

Via the New York Times:
  In an interview, Mr. Vander Plaats said he thought the tweets showed “who Donald Trump really is.” Mr. Vander Plaats added that Mr. Trump had offered his family a free stay at a hotel in New York City on a rare visit.

Mr. Trump’s Twitter posts reflect his go-for-the-jugular strategy to discredit a rival, which has been a key feature of his campaign over the last seven months.

“The problem is that Donald Trump expects that if he has a friendship with you and he does anything nice for you, he controls you,” he added.

“Donald Trump expects that if he has a friendship with you and he does anything nice for you, he controls you,”

I wonder how Pastor Jeffries and Jerry Falwell jr. feel about the New York tycoon’s recent behavior?  Will the clergy stand by each other? Will money silence more members of “the cloth”?

For me, this is a despicable chapter in Republican politics. the notion that  a quite unreligious man can use his money to buy absolutions…. well that doesn’t surprise me about godless politicians, but it astonishes me that any evangelical minister might allow himself and his ministry calling to be compromised by Trump’s mammon.

This may be the first week in the saga or Trump’s unravelling. When you see the compiling stack of drama which Trump has orchestrated, it’s clear he wiill never be a uniter. His tactics will never heal our nation and his autocratic and egotistical narcissism will result in severe damage beyond our imagination.

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