News With Views: An In Depth Look at Ted Cruz and Common Core by Anita Hoge


By Anita Hoge

February 6, 2016

His Scary Federal Education “Choice” as a Civil Right, His Fake Repeal of Common Core, and His Phony Support of Homeschools Revealed.

Ted Cruz forces Common Core onto every private, religious, and homeschool in his proposed S 306 with Federal Choice (which is NO choice at all).

Explaining the Disastrous Impact of Ted Cruz’s S 306 and His Federal Choice.

• Common Core sets the stage for ALL children to be identified as “At-Risk” in public schools under Title I. This is now a given since the Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA, was passed in December. ESSA was a bill sponsored by two establishment Republicans, Sen. Lamar Alexander and Rep. Kline. A “schoolwide” Title I banner means that Common Core now covers the entire school, and every child will receive a blanket of supports, techniques, and interventions that will force every child into compliance to meet Common Core standards.

• Sen. Ted Cruz’s S 306 uses these Title I school-wide federal funds to identify and follow the child. S 306 expands “portable” funding to every child, which means they will take “public school choice” with them into any private or religious school. This means every child is “At-Risk or becoming At-Risk” of not meeting Common Core. This baggage then goes with the child into that private or religious school. This baggage includes psychological supports and interventions carried out by IDEA (Individual With Disabilitites Education Act), which is the Special Education behavioral conditioning for all students to meet Common Core non-academic standards.

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S-306 for reference (Cruz is a co-sponsor)

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