The Revolution is Underway


By Mike McCarville

The revolution in Republican politics is underway.

The leader is not the choice of “grassroots” Republicans, Ted Cruz.

He’s not the choice of the “establishment” either, Marco Rubio.

He is, instead, the unlikely-est of all, Donald Trump.

And it is a revolution, make no mistake. Thousands of voters in primary and caucus states have validated what is happening.

Others are startled by Trump’s ascension. The Associated Press interviewed one man, a voter, and reported the conversation: “(he) is part of a legion of skeptical Republican voters across the United States coming to grips with the prospect that Trump, a candidate whose appeal they simply can’t understand, may end up being their party’s best chance for retaking the White House. The real estate mogul has scored three commanding primary victories in a row, including Tuesday in Nevada, and enters next week’s delegate-rich Super Tuesday elections in strong position.”

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You may want to read all the comments there, but here are a couple that are of particular interest to me and may be to you:


Amazing, you have nailed it better than anyone else I have read or heard. I believe that Trump is showing both the right and left of the GOP to be hypocrites to a great extent. The so-called Tea Party has for years cried for a revolution and dismantling of the “business a usual” way politics, yet now when they are faced with a chance to do that, it is bridge too far. They want the SAFE candidate. Essentially all they are saying is that WE want to a president that we can control and not the other guys. They hide behind rhetoric like “true conservative or a constitutional conservative, etc. If we truly believe in the constitution we would welcome a Trump presidency. We might for once a see government works as it should again.

I am saddened by what I am seeing, particularly those who have railed against the establishment for so many years.


I support Donald Trump. He is breaking down strongholds in campaign finance, stereotypes, political correctness, media control of campaigns and doing it all under budget and under schedule! He is a doer, a quintessential American man who has not been feminized and weakened.
Trump is an independent creator, builder and a responsible human being. His children reflect his commitment to them and the positive qualities he has instilled. I expect him to go to DC and actually get things done. That is who he is. That is what he does. He does have a record that proves it. I see no far left agenda he is pushing or planning. The US Chamber, Murdock and the other unusual suspects from the trans-nationalist agenda are against him. He has billions but did not join in with Bill Gates and other wealthy social engineers who want to control our lives. It encourages me that there are enough Americans left who will support a candidate who really knows how to take charge and get the job done. I think he loves America. Speaks genuinely though not always what I would say is in the best way but he is himself and people appreciate that. We’ve had all the phony, practiced, robotic movements, gestures and wordy speeches we can stand. He delivers his message loud and clear. He is actually very intelligent but does not chose to use a vocabulary which would have lost half of the people in the room. Now that is smart and effective.


[Editor’s comment:  I have two thoughts on the matter at hand (which were recently shared on facebook as well):

1) Politics and politicians will change when the people’s hearts change. They are a reflection of us and that is not a pretty picture. I suggest much prayer and repentance — daily at a minimum (multiple times daily optimally!).  ‪#‎prayer‬ ‪#‎repentance‬ ‪#‎turningfromwickedways‬ ‪#‎seekingYahweh‬

2) I really don’t like the party system. It seems to keep us divided where we should be united in overseeing our government at all levels against corruption and for constitutional protection including the entire bill of rights for each and every person.  ‪#‎4life‬ ‪#‎4liberty‬ (A Republican for over 40 years considering becoming an Independent).

And that would be my thoughts on the matter.  Oh yes, for the record, I will #standwithRand on Tuesday as a founding member of the r3VOLution — For Life and for Liberty — Sandra Crosnoe]


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