Governor Vetoes HB3016 — Recommending a Full Court Press to Override!

Keep Calm and Override the Veto
graphic via Bob Donohoo and we at OKGrassroots concur!

In fact we recommend a full court press exposing the doublespeak thinking in the veto edict from Gov Mary Fallin. Graphic is in response to this note from Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice PAC on facebook 4/29/16 (note below):

We are shocked and disappointed (to say the least) that HB 3016 has been vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin. This should be a wake up call to every Oklahoman that the state does NOT want you to know what is in your child’s vaccines.

Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice joins thousands of parents in asking, “why”?

This is not over! It’s just beginning. Parents will not be censored. Parents call the shots and deserve full, informed consent. Become an official member here:

We’ve done great things! It’s not over! Details to come next week on an override option!

Are you all up for it? More work at the Capitol, more education..heck yeah! I’m in!

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[Editor’s note: Here is the actual double speak language in the veto issued by Governor Mary Fallin. See if you are as angry as I am!/sc]

Veto HB3016 p1

Veto HB3016 p2

Veto HB3016 p3

Veto HB3016 3pages (downloadable) (pdf version of 3 pages above)

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