Override Time People – Let’s Get ‘Er Done! HB 3016 for Vaccine Choice




It’s override time Oklahoma!

Email samples available Operationoverrideonline.

Add your story and tell the legislators why this is important to you.

Legislators appreciate personal emails.

Remember, numbers trump money!

Let’s “Be the Voice for Vaccine Choice”, Oklahoma!

For more information on this project and email information visit:

Ok4vaxchoice.com/current-campaigns/operation-override formerly/http://www.ok4vaxchoice.com/current-campaigns/operation-override


formerly OK4VaxChoice now OKHPRbears @OK4VaxChoice 



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Philosophically I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover and a co-founder of R3publicans in 2008; OKGrassroots and Constitutional Liberty Coalition were born shortly after that in the early Teaparty days. What is really important to me though is what is eternal and you will see more of my Christian ministry and writings on my personal blog. Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them