House Sustains Veto Of Vaccine Information Bill


  Late this afternoon, the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted to override the governor’s veto, but not by a sufficient 2/3 majority vote. As a result, the Oklahoma medical community and Oklahoma public schools can continue to force children to be immunized without telling them what is being injected into them.

What is particularly astonishing is the rationale used by the doctors in the legislature, to justify keeping parents ignorant. Dr Cox of northeast Oklahoma is a primary house proponent of the effort to kill this parental empowerment bill. He clearly argued that if more parents were informed there would be more parents opposing the immunizations.  This is the kind of condescending insults that Oklahoma citizens continually receive from the ruling class. 

Names in Red indicate supporter of the original vote on the bill when it first passed the House, but did not support the override.Blue indicates supporter of the override but not the original vote.
HOUSE BILL 3016, Rep. Grau  Parental rights; creating the Parental Rights Immunization Act; effective date.VETO OVERRIDE W/O EMERGENCY:   FAILED

YEAS:   55                                                    RCS# 1603
NAYS:   38                                                    5/16/2016
EXC :    8                                                      4:26 PM
C/P :    0
YEAS:   55
Bennett            Grau               Montgomery         Roberts, S.
Brumbaugh          Hall               Moore              Russ
Calvey             Hardin             Morrissette        Scott
Cannaday           Henke              Mulready           Sears
Casey              Johnson            Murdock            Shelton
Cleveland          Jordan             Murphey            Strohm
Cockroft           Joyner             Newell             Thomsen
Coody, J.          Kern               Nollan             Vaughan
Cooksey            Kouplen            O’Donnell          Walker
Derby              Leewright          Park               Wallace
Dunlap             Lepak              Pfeiffer           Wesselhoft
Faught             Martin             Proctor            Wood
Fisher             McCall             Ritze              Young
Goodwin            McDaniel, R.       Roberts, D.

NAYS:   38
Banz               Inman              Nelson             Shoemake
Biggs              Kannady            Ortega             Stone
Billy              Kirby              Osborn             Tadlock
Condit             Lockhart           Ownbey             Virgin
Coody, A.          Loring             Perryman           Watson  
Cox                McBride            Peterson           Williams
Denney             McCullough         Pruett             Wright 
Dunnington         McDaniel, J.       Renegar            Mr. Speaker
Griffith           McPeak             Rousselot
Hoskin             Munson             Sherrer 

   Brown              Christian          Enns               Rogers
Caldwell           Echols             Fourkiller         Sanders  


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