Map: Oklahoma Libertarian Party registration by county

Originally posted: May 2, 2016 by Jamison Faught in Muskogee Politico

With the re-birth of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, I’ve worked up a new voter registration map.

(click to view larger)

After the Oklahoma Libertarian Party was officially recognized on March 21st and before the March 31st voter registration cutoff for the June primary, Libertarian voters registered in 55 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. There are now 651 OLP members, or 0.033% of all registered voters in Oklahoma.

The above map illustrates the raw total of registered Libertarians by county. Ironically, Oklahoma County has the highest raw total with 183, but is 5th in percentage (0.48%), while Cherokee County has the highest percentage (0.84%), but is 5th in raw total (19).

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