Sooner Republican Assembly Endorses Slate Of Constitutionalist Candidates

Sooner Republican Assembly via FB 2014The Oklahoma City Metro group of  Republicans who make up the panelists of the Sooner Republican Assembly met Saturday May 21st, to deliberate and endorse candidates in several key races.

Among their endorsements were;

  • District 1 Congressman, Jim Bridenstine (incumbent)
  • District 2 challenger, Jarrin Jackson
  • District 4 challenger, James Taylor
  • District 5 challenger, Frank Volpe

No endorsement was made in the District 3 race.

For Corporation Commission: Dana Murphy
For US Senate: James Lankford

  In state senate races, several senatorial candidates were endorsed; including:

  • Rob Standridge- SD15
  • Kevin Crowe- SD23
  • Kyle Loveless- SD45
  • Paul Scott- SD43

  In state House races several candidates were endorsed, including:

  • Tom Newell- HD28
  • Josh Cockroft- HD27
  • Kevin West- HD54
  • Chris Kannady- HD91

  In Cleveland County races;

  • Mike Reynolds for Court Clerk
  • Leon Sugg for Sheriff

Read the full report of the convention, here: formerly/

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