Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice — Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! – Endorsements for Primary 2016

[Editor’s Note: I am so proud of our new Oklahoma for Vaccine Choice group! These ladies and gentlemen came out of nowhere and stormed the capitol this year. They were like a breath of fresh air to the conservative movement in Oklahoma. They are energetic and tenacious and meticulous and persistent. They do not give up, do not back down, and will not be stopped in the quest for securing and protecting parental rights. Thanking my heavenly Father for each and every one of them and looking forward to getting to know them all better!/sc]

OVHC PACOklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice uses the following criteria to decide endorsements and funding.


1. At least 2/3rds of the votes by paid membership


1. At least 2/3rds of the votes by paid membership

2. Supportive of vaccine choice

3. Supportive and understanding of personal liberty. If they don’t support liberty in other areas they will eventually give in on vaccine and health choice.

a. Incumbents have a cumulative score of 75% or better on http://www.oklahomaconstitution.com index.

b. New candidates for office agree that vaccines should be paid for by themselves or voluntary contributions.

4. Viability of the candidate (door knocking, funds already raised)


OVHC-PAC endorses the following candidates based on the criteria above. (see more on their website formerly/http://ok4vaxchoice.com/candidate-endorsements):

[Editor’s note:  Pay attention to the color coding and understand that

Green is for Good – Go vote for them;

Red is for Stop – think about it and do NOT vote for them.

I did not understand when I first looked at the list so I simply stress this concept here for all our readers/sc]

PAC Endorsement list on google docs here >>>

Partial listing below for key races – more complete information on google docs link (above).


Senate District 15- Rob Standridge



Senate District 17- Brooke McGowan



Senate District 23- Kevin Crow



Senate District 33- Nathan Dahm



Senate District 39- Amanda Teegarden



House District 8- Tom Gann



House District 27- Josh Cockroft



House District 43- John Paul Jordan



House District 58- Luke Doane



House District 70- Ken Walker



House District 82- Kevin Calvey



House District 96- Lewis Moore

Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice



Twitter: @ok4vaxchoice

OKGrassroots — Oklahoma for Vaccine and Health Choice — Red is for STOP and Green is for GO! – Endorsements for Primary 2016

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