Candidate Seeks To End Pro Choice Rumors

  Joe Newhouse is seeking to become the next state senator from District 25(Southeast Tulsa metro). He is facing a tough challenge from Lisa Kramer for that open seat. Kramer touts strong support from the public education lobby and teachers unions. Both Newhouse & Kramer are in their first legislative race.  Newhouse was a former staffer for Congressman Bridenstine and is a reserve Naval officer. Kramer serves on a public school board.
  Newhouse is assumed to hold similar political views to those of Jim Bridenstine; but on the Newhouse campaign website, there is no noticeable statement about the abortion issue. Oklahomans For Life sent Newhouse a candidate questionnaire on the issue, which Newhouse decided not to complete and return. Almost every pro life candidate completes this questionnaire and almost every pro abortion candidate ignores it.

  Constituents in the district tell me they have reached out to Newhouse and have not receive a timely response even though their social media messenger indicates Newhouse read the inquiries promptly. One citizen in the district who voted for Newhouse in the primary said that he asked Kramer for her position and she promptly gave a clear prolife answer.
Finally, tonight I did receive this message from Mr. Newhouse;

Please see attached. I felt that this statement captured my stance on stopping abortion.

Thank you, sir,

  I appreciate the reply from Mr. Newhouse and his better clarification. I hope we can get an even better one before the August runoff election.
  I sympathize with him about the Oklahomans For Life questionnaire. It has 3 questions on it which are not at all germane to the issue of defending unborn babies from selective abortion.
   But I do expect candidates to make their positions clear in their campaign media. Mr Newhouse looks like he buried the topic deep within his issues section, under the 'Relationships' topic. This could be an innocent oversight, but pro life activists have expressed serious concerns to Sooner Politics and we are happy to assist in getting real answers from candidates.
Mr. Newhouse sent me this letter, dated June 15th, which he had sent to Oklahomans For Life, explaining the struggle he has with the types of questions on the survey.