Oklahoma Voter ID Law Withstands Legal Challenge (so far)

  Trevor Brown reports on Oklahoma Watch... "A more than four-year legal challenge to overturn Oklahoma’s voter identification law was rejected earlier this week by a state district court judge who upheld the constitutionality of the measure.
  Oklahoma County District Court Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons dismissed the case Monday after hearing arguments from lawyers representing the Oklahoma State Election Board and Tulsa resident Delilah Christine Gentges. Gentges’ attorney said he plans to appeal the decision. Read the full report at Oklahoma Watch.
  Oklahoma has avoided the claims bout disenfranchisement because the state election board  provides free voter id cards without charge.

 Sooner Politics recommends a few added tips to make sure you keep your voting franchise:
  1. Make sure your drivers license didn't expire. take it out ahead of time. Most Oklahomans use their drivers license to satisfy the identification requirement. But an expired license is not being accepted by poll workers.
  2. Vote before Tuesday. If you wait until the last hour of voting next Tuesday night, there will be a much greater possibility that your franchise was given to someone else. Identification requirements have greatly helped, but someone can still steal your identity. And the poll workers accept the first voter who shows up with your identity. If it's not you, then you'll have to try much harder to make your preference recorded in the vote.
  3. Call the county election board and get a replacement voter registration card mailed to you. It never expires, so store it at home and have it as a backup in case your license gets lost or expires.