OKGrassroots – new look and new focus coming soon…


A lot has changed over recent years in Oklahoma politics and a lot has stayed the same.  We know that for real change to take place in government, it must begin in our hearts and minds, then work its way out into our families, communities, and all levels of government.  It must begin with prayer and have a moral standard at its core.

We are blessed to have many groups and many leaders contributing to our feeds here on this website.  However, it takes lots of time to bring a quality publication to you daily.  If you would like to help with this effort and are in agreement with our core principles please let me or one of our board members know (see top tabs).

In future months leading to the November elections, I hope to feature the best writings I can find or produce on the state questions.  I also hope to write more about the vetting of leadership and ways to get productively involved at a local level.  It is not as hard as you might think and it does not involve any political parties.  Beyond that timeframe, I hope to feature some people and their stories about how they are trying to make a difference.

OKGrassroots has a rich history here.  Please use the search button and you will see the depth.  If you want to help, please let us know.

For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots

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I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma now, but I grew up in Texas. I was a cofounder of the Associated Conservatives of Texas in the 90's, serve on the Traveling Liberty Bell board, was a co-founder of R3publicans in 2008, Constitutional Liberty Coalition (a multistate effort) and OKGrassroots in 2009. We are working together to restore the republic and proclaim liberty throughout the land! Finding Gems & Sharing Them - my personal blog * R3publicans * OKGrassroots * Constitutional Liberty Coalition