Election Board Releases Sample Ballot

  The Oklahoma State Election Board has published the sample ballots for each precinct in the state. This service allows voters to better focus on the choices they will be called upon to make, without the distractions of campaign "bleed over" from media saturation of a nearby district.
  The addition of a 3rd party will add a 'twist' to the voter choices. The Libertarian Party is making a competitive run in a number of legislative seats, as well as the US Senator race and Presidential bid.
  In addition, the many state questions are being presented in this sample ballot. Most of them are getting strong conservative support. One, however; is a large permanent increase in state sales tax devoted entirely to public education, including universities like OU & OSU.
The election is on Tuesday, Nov. 8th. Polls are going to be open from 7am to 7pm.
  Your county election board is now accepting requests for 'absentee ballots', to be sent to registered voters, then mailed back in, prior to the deadline.
  Your county election board will also have 'in-person absentee voting for a limited time in the week prior to the election day. Check your county election board office for locations and times.