Guest Commentary: The Abortion Factor

by Debbie Van Risseghem - Now this is the political issue I do speak up about...
   In America, over 50 million unborn babies have been slaughtered in the past 40 something years! That amount of people, is as much as are in about 10 States combined!
PictureDebbie Van Risseghem is a Tulsa resident of 33 years. She and David have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.
  All of Oklahoma and 9 other Midwestern states! Every human! Killed! Gone! Can you imagine that?​

   When I hear the line, "this is a very difficult decision for a woman to make." I could puke! Because no women should even consider killing her own unborn baby! It should not even be an option! And no one should tempt her to do that! No one should pressure her to, bully her to, no one should force her to. And no one should let her kill her baby!

​  Hitler ordered the killing of 6 million Jews. Now the government is trying to force businesses to pay for abortions. How is that any different? Many, many, Americans are pro-life! We are grieved together, at all the unnecessary loss of life! At all the horrendous suffering the babies have gone through, their bodies are being ripped apart and killed. It is gory, wretched. Instead of the term having an abortion, it would be more appropriate to call it, "choosing to slaughter a baby", the gory wretched truth.
  But the word abortion is just a pretty, cover up word, so that the horror is not as obvious. If anyone is on the fence about this subject, and thinks killing unborn babies is okay, I ask you to please rethink this through. Please ask yourself, would you want someone to be able to slaughter you in your mother's womb? And take away your right to live? I am not interested in debating.
​  If this information can help even one person, who may be on the fence, to realize how wrong legalized killing of unborn babies is, it could save lives. Please consider voting for candidates that are pro life!