Sen. Yen’s Needles And Your Rights

  Senator Ervin Yen will again tackle vaccination issues during the 2017 session, he said in an interview Friday morning. Last session, Yen, R-Oklahoma City, authored legislation that would have removed the personal exemption provision by which parents can opt out of certain or all vaccines for their children. As it stands, children attending public school in Oklahoma are required to receive 11 different vaccines; parents can opt out through a medical, religious or personal exemption. You can read more of Yen's strategy at Yen's assertion is that the government can risk healthy peoples' lives so that unhealthy people can avoid dangerous vaccine drugs. Your body would be handed over to the public health regulators regardless of your concerned about the secret contents being pumped into you.
   Last Spring, the governor vetoed a bill which would have mandated a full disclosure of these drugs. She argued that if consumers were aware of the contents, they would be less willing to have them pumped into their bodies. That's especially true with babies and toddlers, whose bodies are far more vulnerable to toxicity and allergic reactions. Last Winter the capitol sustained a strong march of young mothers who successfully killed Yen's legislative assaults. Now Yen is armed with a pediatric lobby who have given campaign contributions to several of his legislative colleagues. The doping forces were caught by surprise when these mom's asserted their maternal rights. This next session will be a 'battle of raw political force'. Lobby money and influence will clash with grassroots. Yen is attempting to chip away at personal rights by claiming he is going to respect a religious exemption (from a preset list of approved religions) and a medical exemption (from a preset list of approved doctors). The right to own your own body is what's initially under assault.

   I may chose to endanger my body for the sake of my family's more vulnerable and sickly members. But Yen wants to force me to risk death for people of his choosing.  There is a massive industry seeking to scare us into a rapidly growing list of potions, using claims they cannot prove. When I first subjected my body to the Whooping cough vaccine, I was promised a lifetime immunity to the illness. That promise has now proven to be a lie. Then I was told that a 10 year booster would give me that  illusive immunity. That too, has been proven to be a lie. My working immunity seems to be about 2 years, followed by a sliding scale of statistical risk which grows over the next 3-5 years. Last winter I freely chose the booster because my first granddaughter was about to be born. I got debilitated for several days after the injection. Then I found out that the vaccine does not keep me from spreading the whooping cough infection. It only protects me from manifesting any symptoms, myself. Hence, I could be spreading the disease and not even know it! But I freely chose this risk for my beloved granddaughter. Don't you dare make me take this risk so that some unknown demographic of the state's choosing can forego their own risks.
Picture[Moms prevailed for vaccine choice in the 2016 legislature]
  The state is now a consumer force in the healthcare market. They can make mandates upon personal liberty for no greater motivation than just saving some state medicaid dollars. We must retain the personal exemption, separate from the medical and religious carve-outs.  Take a moment to make contact with Oklahomans for Vaccine & Health Choice. They will help you stay updated on their fight.