OKC’s Sheriff Whetsel Hit By Audit Findings

  The District Attorney serving Oklahoma County, David Prater, requested an audit of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office several months ago. That audit is now being released and it does not boost the case for John Whetsel's reelection to another term.

   Al Gerhart of the Sooner Tea Party offered this sharp critique:
​"Probability is high for John Whetsel to go down if not today then sometimes in the next few weeks. It would be immoral for the state auditor to withhold these charges given the election coming up in about three weeks.
  At long last the man responsible for the highest murder rate in a jail in the nation, someone who has been responsible for more murders in his jail this year than the entire state of Texas had in the last fifteen years, could wind up being an inmate in the very facility he has ignored"

Whetsel is being challenged by a state legislator, Mike Christian. The campaign has been quite negative for weeks, but it will likely get really critical with this release. Fox25 has more details. There will be updates within hours. The audit is loaded at https://www.sai.ok.gov/Search%20Reports/database/OkCoSheriffWebFinal.pdf
​ Auditor Gary Jones is scheduled to speak at the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, this evening.