Muskogee Politico Draws New Party Affiliation Map

  The editor of Muskogee Politico, Jamison Faught; has compiled some useful research for better understanding the electorate in each of Oklahoma's legislative districts It's been no secret that the Democrats in Oklahoma have not been big supporters of the Presidential candidates of their party. In fact, Democrats have been lukewarm on several state elections, in the past 12 years. Republicans are currently holding a number of legislative seats where Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in voter registration totals.

  Mr. Faught is preparing for part 2, in his research report; due Monday, in the Muskogee Politico. Here is just a snippet of his observations from part 1;
Jamison Faught, Muskogee Politico
  • The most Republican district is again in far northwest Oklahoma and the Panhandle - SD27 at 69.1%. Next are SD25 (67.3%) in south Tulsa, SD22 (66.2%) in northwest OKC, SD41 (65.0%) in the Edmond area, and SD33 (64.1%) in Broken Arrow.
  • The five least Republican districts are SD11 in  north Tulsa (17.7%), SD48 (18.3%) and SD46 (32.1%) in Oklahoma City, SD9 (38.2%) in Muskogee and Cherokee counties, and SD16 (40.1%) in Cleveland County.
  • The average rating for all Senate seats is 52.1%. For Republican-held seats, it's 55.3%, and for Democrat-held seats it's 38.3%.
  • The three most Republican seats held by Democrats are SD34 (the Brogdon/Brinkley seat, also a special election stunner) at 59.3%, SD1 (47.6%), and SD13 (46.6%).
  • The five least Republican seats held by Republicans are all in 'Little Dixie' -SD5 (41.1%), SD7 (41.3%), SD8 (41.4%), SD6 (44.3%), and SD4 (44.4%). I believe all five senators are the first Republicans ever elected in their seat.
  Read the full report of Mr. Faught's research at the Muskogee Politico.