Phoney Conservatives Abound In Oklahoma Politics

  There have always been phonies in politics. that's nothing new. But when illegal collusion corrupts state government, conservatives have an ally; namely, the prosecutors who do due diligence to uphold the law. It's ironic when that Democrat prosecutor makes the charges public on election weekend. 
  The most powerful Democrat lobby group in Oklahoma politics has been the public school teachers' union. the OEA.
 The charges allege that Joy Hofmeister and AH Strategies had a deal with the teachers and school administrators, to run an unknown Republican and present her as a conservative. The public school teachers and politicos went after incumbent Janet Barresi and effectively convinced most of the electorate that Hofmeister was far superior to Barresi, in advancing a conservative education reform agenda.
​  But after 2 years of Hofmeister, we see that Oklahoma has returned to effective liberal control of public education.

  AH Strategies is now facing a massive investigation by both prosecutors and journalists. Cofounder, Fount Holland has been charged with multiple felonies.  The prosecutor presented statements to the court that Holland was involved in deals with powerful liberal groups, to get their candidate elected as a conservative Republican.
  It is clearly time to expand the investigation into this political machine, to see how deep the problem is. Who are the other clients of AH Strategies? What other issues should we be concerned with.
  So far we must presume the defendants are still innocent. But We must also pay attention to the evidence, which appears to be damning.
  This is a well-financed set of defendants. They will likely be "lawyering up this weekend. The "Clark Brewsters" of the world (that's Okie for "Johnny Cocrans"). 
  This set of charges may harm some politicians. They may all be registered Republicans. But that does not destroy the party unless the party chooses to double down and risk all of our integrity by making this a political trial, rather than a careful application of the facts and the law.
​The Republican party can emerge from this far more pure and more careful of who we let define us.