Who Owns Your Politicians? A 4-Step Method To Find Out Online

  Oklahoma has made strides to bring some transparency to our politics. The State Ethics Commission now makes the candidates post up complete & accurate accounting of every dollar contributed and spent.

  You can now find out which lobbyists already  made deals with which candidates. We can see which consulting firms are assisting which candidates.

  This past week we saw the co-founder of the state's most powerful campaign consulting company get charged with felonies in connection with work done for a big-name candidate.  that candidate tried to look like a conservative, but a massive amount of money helped her get elected, and much of it was from liberal organizations seeking to grow state government.

  Go to http://guardian.ok.gov/PublicSite. It is the website for the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. From the drop down menu, hover over Search. From the Candidate/Committee section, choose "Candidates".

  In the "Results" section, below; there will be a list of search results. Click on the correct candidate you wish to research.                                                             →

  The beginning of this report shows who transferred money of goods to the campaign. This may be an individual, a Political Action Committee (PAC), or a trade union of some sort. There is serious money being given to these candidates and most often the donor is very serious about some issues and expects the candidate to deliver on their issues.                                               

←  On the search page, type the candidate's last name in the box for "Last Name" 
Then click "Search".

  The next page will show a section called "Filing History". In this section you will find the reports which this candidate has filed.
  We chose to look at the report for "PRE-GENERAL REPORT".
  It creates a new browser window and loads a .pdf file of the candidate's reported financial transactions.

← The latter part of this report shows what the candidate/campaign has done with the money.  This candidate spent a very sizable dollar amount with a company associated with AH Strategies.  Majority Designs does a lot of printing and mailing business for several clients of AH Strategies.