Pat Campbell ‘Blows The Lid’ On The Hofmeister Scandal

​Tulsa talk show host, Pat Campbell, discusses the Hofmeister scandal (formerly/ Here are some highlights.
  • Chad Alexander, in his earlier years, was a high powered lobbyist.
  • A lot of politicians were connected to Alexander.
  • Will more indictments be forthcoming, from the data on Alexander's electronic devices?
  • You do not want to screw around with David Prater.
  • Known for crossing his 't's. He usually puts forth just enough to get the indictment.
  • Janet Barresi may be the happiest person in Oklahoma, on Thursday.
  • Hofmeister sounded "Hillary-esk" in her denials. 
  Pat Campbell is perhaps the best Oklahoma broadcaster to get the straight story on matters of importance to conservatives, in state government. He maintains a podcast page at:
​ formerly/