News 9: Democrat Leader Declares Hofmeister “Unfit”

  The Democrat Party just threw together a press conference to throw their stealth candidate 'under the bus'. Chairman Mark Hammons told Dana Hertneky and other reporters that Joy Hofmeister has "lost her ability to lead".Hofmeister is facing felony charges for alleged conspiracy with the most powerful factions of the Democrat Party; namely the teachers union and school administrators associations. The affidavit in district court claims that Fount Holland of AH Strategies and their connections conspired to take out a republican incumbent (Janet Barresi) and replace her with a 'Republican' whom the education lobby approves of. While this denied the Democrat party of an official win, it was actually a de-facto win for liberal big government and massive spending on education.

  Now the Oklahoma Democrats are pitching the narrative that 'Republicans can't be trusted.'. The truth is that Republicans who conspire with Democrat operatives cannot be trusted.