Decision 2016: the Return To Tallahassee

As the final hours tick away before the polls close, Florida appears to be a tipping point for America. With the media polling firms indicating that the final swing states are breaking one way or another; Donald Trump needs a Florida upset to complete his come-from-behind win.
  The most likely path to the White House gives Trump no margin for error. Not even one state elector can let him down. Even the One independent congressional district in Maine needs to split with the rest of that state, to come to Donald Trump's aid.
  But Trump needs Florida, and he is indicated as being behind there.
Clinton has dispatched President Obama and his wife to secure the needed voter turnout to keep that state in the Democrat column.
  So why has Trump spent more time this weekend in Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? That's a good question.

  If Florida goes to a recount, there may not be a Supreme Court to give us the proper oversight. Right now the SCOTUS is one justice short and divided, 4-4.

  That means the 11th Federal District Court could decide the rules of the possible recall.

  Now, it could be that no states end up in the recall pergatory. Or it may be some other state at dispute.

  Or it may be that some other challenge to some electors could be possible?

 Or the new congress could be the court of final decision making. 

  Or we may see a landslide decision on Tuesday night and none of this matters.
A projected result of the presidential election, based on this weekend's surveys.