Trump Team Watch: Four Okies

As the Transition team enters their 4th week of meetings, the massive staffing project continues to top the media buzz list of speculations.
Of the hundreds of upper level slots in the new administration, four Okies are in consideration for some roles on the Trump executive team.
Rep. Jim Bridenstine  of the 1st district of Oklahoma's congressional delegation is rumored for two specific possible appointments. He was rumored to be considered for NASA Administrator or Secretary of the Air Force. Bridenstine is also a former director of Tulsa's Air & Space Museum. Insiders believe Bridenstine would prefer that duty because space exploration has been a passion of Jim's.
Gov. Fallin met with Trump earlier this week about a possible Interior Secretary role in the Trump cabinet.
Matt Pinnell is Oklahoma's former Republican Party Chairman. He spent the last 3 years working on Reince Priebus' RNC leadership team, as Director Of State Republican Parties. Last spring Pinnell was speculated to be the overwelming favorite of the members of the RNC membership (who officially make the decision by committee vote, but typically defer to the party's President-elect o make the decision).

   Former Oklahoma Speaker of the House, TW Shannon; is likely to be a role player, but less is known about what that role will be. Shannon was in New York for meetings at Trump Tower, and at the last minute he was brought into a second unscheduled meeting. Shannon has been a long time friend of Trump's chief strategist, Stephen Bannon.

Dealing With Change

PictureMatt Pinnell & Reince Priebus admire some custom made Oklahoma cowboy boots. (made by Sen. Kyle Loveless' family boot making business)
  If Bridenstine takes an appointment, he will leave his congressional post just when he would be beginning his last 2-year term (he voluntarily term-limited). There would be a new special election called, to fill the seat within months. That opens a whole host of potential candidates, including Sen. Nathan Dahm, Judge Tom Atkinson, or  AG Scott Pruitt.

  If Fallin is selected for the cabinet, there will be a series of confirmation hearings. By Spring she may resign after confirmation is secured. That would elevate Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb to finish the term. He would go into the 2018 election as the incumbent. Lamb has already been organizing for that race, since Fallin is termed out by constitutional mandate.

  Matt Pinnell has openly said he desires to lead the RNC, as it's next Chairman. The 50 state delegations who make up the committee, all work directly with Pinnell. Priebus created the office about 3 years ago, just for Pinnell. The new chairman of the RNC will select a new leadership team. Priebus had long ago said that he would not seek another term as RNC chair. Trump selected Priebus as  his new Chief of Staff, immediatelly after the election.

  TW Shannon left the legislature in 2014, to run for the US Senate, when Tom Coburn decided to retire 2 years early.  After losing to James Lankford, Shannon moved to the Tulsa area and went to work in the private sector, with a local bank.  He has often been speculated as a congressional candidate, but he quickly dispelled rumors quickly.