The ObamaCare Replacement Option Which Is Ready Now

Rep. Tom Price is a Georgia physician who has steadfastly developed a plan to move Americans away from ObamaCare and create the badly-needed incentives for frugality of consumers.

  The nominee for Secretary of Health & Human Services created a system which does several key things for lowering the cost of medical care and empower market reforms so that competition can again work to earn a patient's trust and patronage.
  1. Repeal the existing Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
  2. Grant RefundableTax Credits to Americans on a sliding age scale, rather than income scale. It starts at $900 for most kids, and caps at $3000 for elder Americans.
  3. Restores limited pre-existing exclusions, if you weren't previously insured. But only for 18 months, then full coverage is restored.
  4. Allows Citizens to buy any policy available in any state.
  5. Allows citizens to keep their cash(tax credit) if they don't spend it on healthcare.
  6. Taxes "cadillac" employee plans as income, but only to the extent that they exceed common benefits.
An orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Price spent more than two decades caring for patients.

  Congressman Price issued a press release detailing his plan, here: Price Introduces Empowering Patients First Act.

For the complete text of the Empowering Patients First Actclick here.

For a section-by-section description of the legislation, click here.