Healthcare Costs Escalated From ObamaCare

  Since the January, 2014 rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), the Democrats' claim of an inevitable drop in family healthcare spending has proven to be a lie.
And not just a little lie. 
 Texas Senator, John Cornyn called it; "One of the biggest cases of consumer fraud ever perpetrated upon the people of the United States."
  In the previous few years, American consumers had seen a relative leveling of healthcare expenses. Even a slight dip. But that all changed when millions of people were forced to buy massive "smorgasbord" plans which covered things they could not biologically ever have to face. 
  •   Catholic nuns were forced to buy abortifacient birth control coverage. 
  •   Young men were covered for pap smears and mammograms.
  •   Menopause women were forced to retain maternity coverage.
  These are just a few reasons why ObamaCare has been the worst experiment in economic fascism (corporatism) that the USA has ever suffered.
On January 1st, 2014; the ObamaCare mandates changed the healthcare industry.