Just Ronda: NO Excuses! Get ‘er done!

2016 is the year not just Oklahomans but American voters spoke loudly and clearly regarding the direction they want to see our state and country go. The 2016 election was a mandate to our elected officials that the time has come to get the job done. No more excuses! Oklahoma has super majorities in the House and Senate as well as hold every elected statewide position, the people have spoken, “Get ‘er done!” As submitted to The Tulsa Beacon: 2016 gave us one helluva ride! Between the Presidential election and all that entailed, and the state with the Education lobby trying to take over the Oklahoma legislature, citizens from across our state and country sent a message very loud and very clear on November 8th … “Get ‘er done!” No more whining and excuses from our federal delegation – we have given you the House, the Senate and the White House, now… get ‘er done! ObamaCare repealed and replaced during the 115th Congress – NO excuses! Overreaching federal regulations, unconstitutional executive orders, reducing the size of government, easing Americans tax burdens … just Get ‘er done!!! The people of Oklahoma want our state legislators to “Get ‘er done!” here, as well. The education groups were unsuccessful in bullying their way into the legislature as planned last year, and Oklahoma voters soundly defeated the one percent sales tax initiative, not because they believe teachers don’t deserve a raise but because it would have been bad overall for Oklahoma. Parental choice in education and vaccination is a MUST! Education reform, including teacher pay raises is necessary to restore confidence in our education and relieve some of the burden on teachers. Asset forfeiture and justice reform need to be addressed, protecting our First Amendment by protecting donor laws, rejecting Medicaid expansion, as well as pension and tax code reform are what Oklahoma citizens elected (re-elected), our state legislature to take care of. So, just as at the federal level, the citizens of Oklahoma have sent the message to the Oklahoma House, Senate and Governor’s office to… GET ‘ER DONE! Republicans have super majorities in the House and Senate and we hold the Governor’s office – NO excuses!  Get ‘er Done!! Here’s hoping that at this time next year we can declare, “2017 the year We Got ‘er Done!” Ronda Vuillemont-Smith Founder and President, Tulsa 9.12 Project FreedomWorks Advisory Council Member Heritage Action for America, Sentinel Wall of Honor Award Recipient 2016 Source post