Tulsa 9.12 Announcement – Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process – January 28th

Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process – January 28
The 2016 legislative session begins Monday, February 6, 2016 and we need to be prepared. There will be many bills that require our attention – being trained in how to be effective is necessary for success.
Amanda Teegarden

Amanda Teegarden’s Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process training classes are in-depth working sessions. Attendees willcome out of these classes better informed and more confident in their ability to communicate with elected officials. Attendees will be able to read, track and follow legislation for themselves. Understanding the potential impact of proposed legislation is tremendously important – not only for our families and us but for the entire state of Oklahoma as well.

Classes are broken up into three parts (time allowing): Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced:
Introductory – This covers the basics of citizen involvement, including an overview of Oklahoma’s legislative process.  Session includes identifying your elected officials, how to contact and communicate with them, and utilizing the OK Legislature’s websites.
Intermediate – Builds on the introductory information, and covers more specifics of the legislative process, including interim studies, and the course of a bill through the legislature.  Session includes the roles of House and Senate committees, when to advocate for/against a bill, and when and how to contact Leadership.
Advanced – Includes how to read a bill with understanding, discerning political doublespeak, and who and what is influencing legislation in Oklahoma.

Why do this?  A better-informed electorate makes for better government. 

Let’s do what we can to hold elected officials more accountable to the people and their oath of office.  Not only at election time, but all the time.
* This is hands on training – bring your laptop, tablet and/or smart phone
Saturday, January 28
Americans for Prosperity HQ
3307 S. Harvard Ave., Suite C Tulsa, OK 74135
9AM – 2PM
FREE!!!   RSVP here