LOT: February Gathering – Jury Nullification

What is the purpose of a jury trial? What is the function of a juror and what real power do you, the individual, have when presented with the opportunity to serve as a juror? Is it legal to judge the law?

Learn the nuts and bolts of JURY NULLIFICATION…WHEN it would be appropriate to use this peaceful/legal tool, HOW to use it, WHY it is beneficial to understand how the system works, and more.

Nathan Harvill will lead our discussion and help us understand the scope of our power.

Share this event with anyone who believes that there is such a thing as UNJUST LAWS.

Thursday, February 2nd at 6 pm

Chimi’s on Cherry Street

1304 E 15th St

Tulsa, OK

Event also shared via Tulsa R3s Meetup Group

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