Congressman Jim Bridenstine Named to Key National Security and Space Subcommittees

This week, Congressman Jim Bridenstine received subcommittee appointments for the House Armed Services and Science, Space, and Technology Committees in the 115th Congress. “I would like to thank Chairmen Mac Thornberry and Lamar Smith for entrusting me with these positions, and I look forward to working with them on behalf of my constituents and Americans across the country,” said Congressman Bridenstine. Armed Services Bridenstine was named to the Strategic Forces and Seapower Subcommittees.  Strategic Forces has oversight responsibility for the nation’s nuclear weapons, missile defense, and national security space.  Here, Bridenstine will continue to focus on ensuring the national security space enterprise is organized and equipped to meet emerging threats in space. Seapower covers Navy and Marine Corp procurement and research and development programs and Air Force mobility and bomber platforms.  A former Naval Aviator and current National Guardsman, Bridenstine will bring a real-world perspective to the subcommittee’s oversight of Navy and Air Force aviation programs. Science, Space, and Technology Bridenstine was named to the Space and Energy Subcommittees.  The Space Subcommittee oversees the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and commercial space.  An active member of this subcommittee in the 114th Congress, Bridenstine will provide the oversight necessary to ensure the continued progress and success of NASA programs such as the Space Launch System, Orion Crew Capsule, and Commercial Cargo and Crew. This subcommittee will also examine policies that protect the space environment and enable economic growth in space. The Energy Subcommittee covers Department of Energy research and development programs for fossil fuels, pipelines, and the electrical grid.  The Congressman will be well positioned to support Oklahoma’s energy development on this subcommittee. Bridenstine commented, “Energy is critically important to Oklahoma, a priority of the Trump Administration, and important to national security.”  

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