Dan Kirby Tells A Different Story

 Without naming former Representative Randy Grau, Dan Kirby brings a whole new level of intrigue to the story of why he's leaving the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Rep. Kirby is resigning effective March first, but not before a scathing committee report is delivered to the House floor for disciplinary action. Only Sooner Tea Party had previously reported this narrative, involving former Rep. Randy Grau and Kirby's 2015 legislative asst. Hollie Bishop, prior to today's revelations. According to Kirby, the office environment deteriorated after Kirby told his colleague, Randy Grau, that it was creating bad appearances for Grau to spend so much time with Ms. Bishop, in Kirby's office. Kirby then creates the impression that the 2015 sexual harassment charge was filed as retribution in collusion with Grau. Hollie Bishop had previously been assigned to assist Rep Grau, but marital pressures led Grau to release Bishop from his service. But Grau continued to hang around her constantly. Grau has since then filed for divorce from his wife, but rescinded that court action.
Podcast of Kirby and Pat Campbell of KFAQ (formerly/http://art19.com/shows/pat-campbell-podcast/episodes/0f8d3f80-d240-4464-85e2-186daf6ff166)
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