Public Education Lobbyists And the Big Lies

Nasty Politics Foretells a Nasty Politician

 By the Watchman
  There are several run off races for party nominations for office in November that are coming up next month. A few of them are some of the alleged Education Caucus against regular citizens running for office and some aren't. One article has caught our attention because it clearly shows the dangers involved when an ideology gets control of a system. The writer is brave enough to claim "Tulsa area teacher, educational consultant and general inspirer of minds young and old. Everything I say is so wise even I can hardly believe it. Feel free to concur." You can find that quote on his blog at

  What brought our attention to this particular race was this article formerly/   We get the opinion from the article that he is for the "Education Caucus" candidate. That's his prerogative and we will defend to the death his right to say so. What we cannot defend is his blatant attempt at smearing a candidate without submitting any actual reference material to substantiate his claim. Doing things like that are the ways of a person who has no real facts to support their claim. His blog is so hateful that it presents an actual danger to his students and raises the question of whether or not he uses this type of material in the classroom.

  This week we are going to give you information that the article above failed to mention about Pastor Paul Blair. Next week we will do an article that will include the same format as we use here on the other candidate in the run off for the Republican candidate for District 41.

  We began by going to the campaign web site for Paul Blair at formerly/ to see what information was available there. The first article we found there was this About Paul — Paul Blair for State Senate 41 formerly/ Paul Blair has a long history of being in Oklahoma and a part of District 41. He's a former OSU football player and played in the NFL for several seasons. He's also a businessman. He's not living off anyone's dime. He lives off his own income. He's everything one would expect from a self-made individual success story of the American Dream.

  We took a look at his issue page here Issues — Paul Blair for State Senate 41 formerly/ to see where he stood on the issues. He is correct in saying that Oklahoma has been a primarily agricultural and oil and gas based economy. The state does need to diversify more. The lack of doing so is the primary reason that Oklahoma is now considered by the federal government as being in a recession.

  We feel that his stance on the Federal Government overreach and Regulation is justified. Most people think that we are a democracy because that's what they are taught in school, but we aren't. We are a Republic. Those in Washington, D.C. would do well to remember that they are not our bosses, but it is the other way around. They work for us. Even Oklahoma needs to elect stronger, more Conservative legislators to both the State House and the Federal delegation.

  Blair has a good stand on education that most people can agree with. He is correct when saying we need to educate our children to be ready for the emerging 21st century market. What are needed are not more administrators, but better quality teachers. To do that you need to pay them. As so indicated by the Tulsa Public Schools this last year you don't fire 200 administrators and 142 teachers and turn around and give the remaining administrators, not counting the Superintendent, a total of $293,000.00 in pay raises.

  The next article of interest we found was this Paul Blair (Oklahoma) - Ballotpedia. This article gives a breakdown of the election held on June 28, 2016. But it goes much deeper than that. It also shows that he ran against Clark Jolley in 2012. Many of you are completely unaware of it, but Clark Jolley was a Senator that was owned and operated by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. In fact most of the Senate and House legislators have been for decades. Paul Blair is out to change that.

  The next article of interest we found was this Blair running for Senate District 41 | News | This was the announcement of Paul Blair running for Senate in District 41. He gave a full interview to the paper and it appears that the paper didn't hold anything back. This was unlike some of the lame stream media reports to get in the larger papers or the news station these days.

  The next article of interest we found was this Paul Blair exploring SD41 run, Bridenstine & Russell support. What was interesting in this report was two of Oklahoma's U.S. Representatives, Congressmen Bridenstine and Russell, endorsed Paul Blair in this announcement. Bridenstine is one of the most Conservative legislators that the state has representing them in Washington, D.C.

  We next went to Paul Blair's campaign finance reports. What we found there was unusual to say the least. We found no donations from any political action committee, union or major corporation. All of his donations have been individuals. What this tells us is that should Paul Blair be elected, he will work for the people of District 41 and the State of Oklahoma. Not the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. This is the type of change Oklahoma needs.

  In closing we will say that the blog article that prompted this report is deceitful, lacking of verifiable facts and very partisan. The author is full of conceit and raises serious questions about his ability as a teacher in the Tulsa Public Schools. It would behoove the Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools to identify this individual and ensure that his personal feelings and his blog information is not being transferred to the students instead of the course material they are supposed to be learning. If he desires to keep teaching his Marxist believes, let him transfer to California where they believe in them.