Cleveland County GOP Chair Blasts Fake Republicans (video link updated)

  At the Cleveland County GOP convention, today; Chairman Dave Spaulding chastized several of the party's state and local leaders for failing to govern by the principles of the party and their campaign promises. It was obvious that the local state senator, Anthony Sykes was a clear target of the outgoing chairman's stern rebuke. Civil Asset forfeiture was condemned from the podium, and Spaulding went further to repremand publicly, the failure of the local senator to event return the chairman's personal phone calls, requesting a private meeting to discuss the issue. Spaulding scolded Governor Mary Fallin for her propensity to grow state government and raise taxes far beyond any Democrat governor in history. He compared the one-party super majority of today with the Democrat dominance of 30 years ago.  "we have Democrats running for office as Republicans and it's up to us to identify them" Dr. Yen, of nearby Oklahoma County was strongly rebuked for his efforts to undermine parental authority and Religious liberties in the matter of mandating dozens of vaccines. ​ Spaulding declined to have his name placed in nomination for another term as county chairman. He has also served on the local city council.

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