A G.I. Bill For Kids

  Senator Rob Standridge just pulled a very sensible bill from consideration at this legislature. It was a measure which would have assigned education benefits to families in a more consumer-friendly way.  (SB560)

  President George HW Bush(41) called it  "The G.I. Bill For Kids".  In the same way that our veterans are empowered to assign their education benefits at any certified public or private sector institution, our own children would enjoy the freedom to get their education at the institution of their choice.

 There is also an outcry for reform of the Veterans Medical benefit. Congress will soon pass legislation to allow veterans to get needed health care at any clinic, if they can't get that same care in a timely manner at the VA hospital or outpatient clinic. It is wildly popular! But we somehow have a vast disconnect when it comes to how we treat our kids.

  The Oklahoma Legislators Want Vets to be able to get VA benefits at any clinic,
  But most of those same legislators won't let our children get common education benefits at any school.