Deep State Is Activating Sedition, Before It Gets Busted

On election night (Nov. 8th), there were millions of stunned and troubled faces. There were also multitudes of panicked operatives seeking to shut down and wipe their operations clean, before enough new members of the administration could get confirmed and start investigating past operations.

This week we're seeing new evidence of many plots to secretly fund political operations via unauthorized sources. For decades we've heard rumors of CIA drug smuggling operations. Now we see that the Justice department has been swooping down on corporations and alleging unfair practices whereby consumers were harmed. The Justice department fined them and collected billions. Much of that money bankrupted corporations and prevented consumers from collecting damages for their own losses.

But some of that money went unreported to congress and landed in agency slush funds whereby political entities were funded secretly. Last week we found out that the Justice Department hid several millions. Recently we found out that the ATF had also run a smuggling operation in tobacco. The New York Times caught wind of it last Summer and the Boston Globe is staying hot on the trail... if we can trust them to uncover the real truth on their fellow liberals?