Wildfires blazing in Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle – Friends Calling for Prayer

FORT SUPPLY, Okla. (KOKH) — Residents in Northwest Oklahoma are being asked to evacuate immediately due to large grass fires spreading.   A fire warning has been issued for the towns of Fort Supply, Laverne and Buffalo in Harper County. Residents of Fort Supply have been asked to evacuate south toward Woodward, where a shelter is available at the Woodward Pioneer Room, located at 1212 9th Street. (see rest of the story here via OKCFox)

From the Tapp family in Cimarron County further west:

Rachael Tapp (March 6th)

I have witnessed dawn at night, driving through Buffalo. Massive fire line moving southeast. Much loss for friends of ours.

Mary Ruth Tapp (March 6th)
Boise City

I’ve seen videos of fires from around Dodge City, KS, the Panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas…Looks like all of Flyover Country is needing relief from the wind and fire. Praying and praying some more. Friends and strangers are fighting to save their homes, land, and cattle; some have lost their homes. Lord, have mercy.

On facebook a story shared by the Fogelman’s of video captured through the area as they rescued pets:

video link on Youtube also here

OKGrassroots – Wildfires blazing in Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle – Friends Calling for Prayer

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