Teetotalers Becoming the “In” Crowd

  A growing crowd of pop culture icons and public leaders are coming out as teetotalers. With GW Bush and several noted entertainers, living without recreational drugs(including booze) was a decidedly private matter. But Donald Trump is a bit more open about his lifestyle choice. The old guard of Teetotalers were generally more judgmental and imposing, especially the religiously-motivated prohibition sympathizers. I recall, in high school, talking to some friends during lunch. Someone noticed a notebook with the phrase, "Panama Red" scrawled across the front. I asked my buddy if he knew what that was? "Yeah", he answered; "A pretty good imported pot.". "Do you smoke pot?", I asked. "Nah, not any more." He then paused a moment and added; "I like to have a clear mind or else I really can't enjoy it.". Those were my sentiments, exactly. It seems a person decidedly takes drugs because he wants an experimental kick, or else he deliberately wants at least a partial and momentary escape from undiluted reality.
  Donald Trump and George Bush did not rise to power by wasting their efforts. These are highly driven businessmen who later became political leaders.
  Some become teetotalers because their health does not afford them the luxury of any booze or narcotics. Some of them are in recovery from an addiction problem. Still others are dealing with mental health challenges which become unmanageable when drugs enter the equation. Even caffeine is a dangerous drug when you suffer a heart problem of Bipolar Disorder. Whatever the reason, the crowd is growing. Some want to impose more laws, stiffer penalties, and shut down industries (or really just create black markets and cartels).  But some are becoming more libertarian in their philosophy. Letting each individual be responsible for their own choices. I used to be a member of the former group. I felt that "If my convictions are good enough for me, then by golly gosh, they're good enough for you, too!". Now I just try to take care of me. Don't ask me to pay for your mistakes, unless you're ready for social redemption. But then it's incumbent upon you to pay it forward.  
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