Smarter On Crime

​  With the impending criminal trial for Senator Ralph Shorty, I have to say that it doesn't have to be the final chapter in Ralph's public life. I want him to get a fair trial and a just verdict. And then I want him to be a better man.
  This is what I want for every fellow Oklahoman.  Yes, we need societal accountability and prudent discretion. But let's also look for ways to protect society, promote public safety, and still be hopeful & helpful. Simply locking up people for years on end, has cost us too much money. 

  Is there a better way? Do technology and innovation give us better and less costly options? Can house arrest and monitors give us cheaper options which still punish and protect, while allowing families to stay strong, independent, and positive influences for accountability?

Can a nonviolent offender work from home and still be a good parent, spouse, and neighbor?

  I hope the legislature takes a good look at the options. I'm not sure Ralph Shortey would have supported such options before, but I think he might be a poster child, now.